Each traveller has a story to tell

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Today we’d like to launch a new section called “Each traveller has a story to tell”, which we’ve been working on awhile. It’s an experiment that we’re really excited about.

The idea is to transform the Moleskine edition of Trourist into a collection of emotional mini-stories. Travel experiences which are remembered with fondness and/or which have come to represent something truly important in a person’s life. The format doesn’t have to be prose precisely. It can be a drawing, a poem, an outline…bring your imagination on and let it flow!

This assortment of personal nuggets will be created in collaboration with 26 travel bloggers around the world. As each traveller shares an experience which changed his or her life in a significant way, it will be uploaded on the Moleskine edition of Trourist, and form part of a chain that includes the following bloggers whose contributions of time and dedication we wholeheartedly express our gratitude for:

Adam (@travelsofadam), Andrew(@AEEvans), Anjanette (@anjwrites), Anne (@pretavoyager), Ant (@TrailofAnts), Audrey and Daniel (@umarket), Ayngelina (@Ayngelina), Caitlin (@niltiac), Cate (@Catekiwi), Chris (@theaussienomad), Craig (@indietravel), David (@rtwdave), Earl (@wanderingearl), Francesc (@fbalague), Jeannie (@nomadicchick), Jodi (@legalnomads), Joshua (@tranquilotravel), Kate (@katebritabroad), Lauren (@travelerlauren), Lara andTerence (@gran_tourismo), Lindsay (_thetraveller_), Maria (@traveladdictgrl), Meg (@thenotoriousmeg), Melvin (@traveldudes), Pam (@nerdseyeview), Shannon (@shannonrtw), Teresa and Michael (@artofbackpackin)

The result of this experiment, which we hope to pass on to you, will be seen in a few months. Meanwhile you can follow the day-to-day evolution of this initiative visiting twitter at: hashtag #mystorytotell

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